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The right preparation of Matcha is quite simple. In this blog post, we’ll show you how the right matcha preparation works and what to look out for.

Matcha tea is becoming more and more popular in Europe as it combines the good properties of tea & coffee. It keeps you awake for a very long time due to the enormously high koffeein content, which is more than twice as high as with a cup of coffee. Matcha tea is healthy and tastes very tasty.

The preparation of delicious matcha is not difficult and succeeds with a little practice everyone. In this video we show you how to do it!

Accessories for Matcha Tea Preparation

Matcha tea accessories - friends of tea

The Chasen

If you look at the traditional Matcha tea preparation, the first thing that stands out is the Matcha brooms, the so-called “chasen”. The Chasen is responsible for the beautiful foam and is usually made of Japanese bamboo.

The Matcha Bowl

To get delicious matcha, you don’t necessarily need an original Japanese Matcha bowl – a hand-sized vessel is enough. The important thing is that it is big enough to swing the matcha broom, the chase, decently around.

High-quality Matcha tea

For the successful Matcha tea preparation, above all good Matcha tea is required. You can get this in high quality tea shops. It is important that you do not buy the matcha from drugstores or supermarkets – these teas are often industrial and produced in very large quantities and not qualitatively outstanding. High-quality, non-industrially processed Matcha tea from Japan is available exclusively from the tea trade and not in drugstores.

The Matcha Tea Preparation

First step: The Matcha powder becomes a paste

Matcha tea paste - friends of tea

To make the frothy beat a little easier later, we first touch a paste. To do this, we add about 1-2 grams of matcha powder (equivalent to one teaspoon) to the matcha bowl and pour some water on it (we use 65 degrees warm, filtered water). Then we use the Chasen bhisend to produce a homogeneous paste from the matcha powder and the water. Above all, it is important that no lumps are left behind.

Second step: Hitting the foamy

Beat matcha tea and stir

Now we add about 80-100ml of filtered and 65-70°C hot water and beat the tea nicely frothy with the chasen. The movement should look like you want to hit an M in the matcha. After about 30 seconds you get a great foam.

If you don’t have a matcha broom, a commercial milk frother does the same. The result will be similarly good, but then of course it is not so close to a traditional tea ceremony.

The dosage

qualitative matcha tea by friends of tea

There is no correct or incorrect dosage with Matcha tea. There are people who like to drink Japanese matcha with 0.5 grams per 100 ml or 2 grams per 100 ml. Just try and enjoy your self-opened Matcha tea!


Matcha times different – alternative preparation options

Matcha is a very high quality product and should be treated accordingly. In our eyes, the elaborate preparation with bamboo brooms with such a delicious drink is definitely worthwhile! But what if you don’t have the necessary muse or time for the ceremonial preparation?

Matcha dressing is also easy. All you need is a bottle (or even better, a tightly lockable thermos cup) and Matcha powder. The water must not be missing, of course, but I probably know that. 😉 You put some matcha into the vessel, fill it with water, close it and then it says: shake what holds the stuff! In order to dissolve the powder better, it is recommended to seven the green powder beforehand. However, this step is not absolutely necessary.

Also great: on hot summer days can use wonderfully cold water for matcha pouring. The perfect cool green tea refreshment for on the go!


Keep matcha – that’s how it stays fresh for a long time!

To ensure that the fine powder stays fresh for a long time, the powder should be well protected from environmental influences. Moisture, heat and oxygen in particular have a negative effect on the quality of tea. It’s great when the matcha is in a resealable tin. The tea here is well protected from light and oxygen. To keep the tea fresh for extra long, we recommend storing the matcha in the refrigerator. In the cold, a possible oxidation of the teas is made even more difficult. Under these circumstances, your matcha stays fresh for three to six months. And what’s better than always having fresh matcha in the fridge?!